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April 11, 2012

After months (years?!) of uncertainty and anticipation, we are very happy to finally share some great news: Underworld 2 is on the way!

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October 22, 2010

news-uw-premiumApple contacted us recently, saying they are cleaning the AppStore from ‘point packs’ of different kinds.

Seems like this is a new global policy of the AppStore. Which means UW Points have to go. From now on, if you need protection, additional carry space or any other boost, please use in-app purchase instead of UW points.

For those who still have some points left on hand — no worries, you can still spend them as you did before. Stay tuned, folks!

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September 13, 2010

news-uw-premiumBottom line: push notifications are back! A bit more details on the problem and the fix below.

Everyone who plays Underworld on the iPhone/iPod/iPad definitely noticed push notifications not working for more than two last weeks. Really sorry for inconvenience caused, guys. A reason for this outage was a problem with server-side certificates, required to communicate with Apple’s push servers.

We have now fixed the problem, so you can get back to receiving up-to-date notifications about your sales. Moreover, in addition to just resolving this crisis, we have implemented new monitoring tools in the UW control center to keep an eye on the push status. So it looks like this time we’ve fixed it for good, at least on our side.

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December 31, 2009

news-uw-android-stuffHappy to announce that Underworld is finally ready for Android users! If you are one of them, just stop reading this, search the Market on your device for ‘Underworld’ and join the underground of street trade right away!

OK, so what’s noteworthy about the Android version of the game?

Original game theme. After more than a year since Underworld was first submitted to the AppStore (and then rejected after unreasonably long reviewing period) we are finally proud to present the game in its original theme of the grey trade. Yep. Real controlled substances instead of gummy bears and lollipops! Sorry AppStore folks, we did what we could.

Shared game world. As we promised before, the Android players have joined the current world that exists for iPhone/iPod Touch dealers. We think it’s totally OK considering how many of SweetDeal players already use the SD2DL re-skin plug-in bringing the original grey theme to the AppStore version of the game.

UW Points to boost your performance. Many iPhone/iPod Touch players have already forgotten the UW Points and switched to in-app purchase mechanics. Unfortunately, Android Market doesn’t support micro-transactions. Not sure if it will at all. So, if you want to boost your rising to the top of the Cream of the Crop, there are plenty of UW Point packs to use. Tap the U-shaped icon in the game to get to know more.

 *  *  *

The great thing about opening Underworld to new platforms is new players. Which not only make the game more interesting (rule #1 of MMO gaming), but also give a lot of feedback. Visit About section to submit bug reports or interesting ideas and don’t forget to become a member of Underworld forum!


December 21, 2009

The most anticipated version of the game, bringing more ranks and new gameplay features has finally hit the AppStore. Right on time for Christmas!

Download the new version and let’s see what’s new.

Delivery Jobs

It’s the feature that was voted to top of the Open Roadmap in the very early days of Underworld. So, what’s the drill? Choose a job, buy the required amount of merchandize and bring it to the destination tile in time. If you succeed, extra cash is granted. In some cases that’s millions! However, you definitely don’t wanna fail the job: these guys always know where to find you and the punishment will be bad.

There are six types of delivery jobs. With the simplest Local delivery, the only thing you have to do is to find the merchandize, ‘cause the destination tile is the same tile where you get the job. Piece of cake! Starting with a Neighborhood delivery, you have to move around physically to get the job done. Follow the map and don’t forget about the time limit!


There are also two very special jobs: International and Super Cargo.

With an International delivery there is no actual destination spot: just take the commodity as far as you can. The twist is that the reward is only good if the travelled distance is hundreds of miles. So if you’re going on vacation or to a business trip, consider smuggling some stuff for a good reward!

Super Cargo delivery differs in a size of a parcel: the amount of commodity you have to deliver is HUGE! Sometimes it’s not even enough to have the max level of Carry Space. So visit Underworld to get some boost. Yep, that’s hard, but on the other side — the payment is awesome! Your choice.

New ranks

With the Delivery Jobs, you now have a whole new category of Equipment upgrades, which means there are 5 new ranks to compete in the Cream of the Crop.

By the way, we have adjusted upgrade costs recently so the step between #20 and #21 is even now.

Ignore List

If you have a stalker or just a dealer you don’t want to hear from, you can add him/her to your Ignore List. Use wisely as the communication is very important for your business!

  *  *  *

We want to say thanks to everyone who helped to bring this update by giving a lot of fruitful feedback. We appreciate it big time! Please keep up letting us know what you think, there are plenty of ways to do that. Leave comments, follow us in Twitter, open discussions on the Forum and don’t forget about the suggestion/bug report tools in the game itself.


December 9, 2009

Underworld servers are going to be stopped for a quick maintenance later today. Good news is that it’s going to be the last preparation before launching the new version of the game. So much anticipated new ranks and delivery jobs are coming!

Here is a little teaser of what’s hitting Underworld soon.

Oh, and to answer the most popular question: we are submitting it TODAY!


November 30, 2009

To celebrate the news we announced today, we’ve put together Underworld gameplay video.The very original game setting featured inside. So bad it’s not like that in the AppStore ;)

Comment and don’t forget to share with friends!

Track “To The On Position” provided by Wonderland Hollywood.
Totally worth checking out: @Twitter / @YouTube.

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November 30, 2009

news-uw-premiumPure and simple: Underworld Premium is now free.
Download it today to get 2 × 1 hour protection from cops!

Download Underworld Premium!


November 18, 2009

news-preparing-new-versionToday’s maintenance shutdown successfully finished. As always, please report if you notice something weird going on around you in Underworld.

In fact, it was a little bit more than a usual upkeep. First, we have fixed a couple of annoying glitches in the local tile economy. Labs and addicts that would suddenly go asleep or change their prices and commodities earlier than expected according to the cartel guy — both should be fixed now. Let us know if you feel like it doesn’t!

Another major change: those of you who have reached an ultimate rank #21 will notice that a price of the next upgrade is now visible. Yep, that’s because we have already added 5 new ranks! Can’t upgrade there right now, but please be patient — new version of the game is bringing real-world delivery jobs and it’s coming!

As a side effect of adding the new levels, the rank hierarchy has changed. For example, you were a Kingpin and now you’re Wholesaler again, what the heck? Well, this is the trafficking world in evolution: new powerful figures appear every now and then. Fight your way to the top or disappear.

Got questions? Welcome to the message board or twitter. Stay tuned!


October 24, 2009

news-uw-freeIf you like all the improvements & fixes recently brought by the Premium version, but aren’t ready to pay a nickle yet, it’s a good time to update your Free version.

  • Map screen bug on 3.1 firmware fixed (incorrect positions)
  • Interface improvements (‘stock value’ in Money screen, dealers’ profiles in Recent Deals, etc)
  • Ability to choose how much stuff to dump in Stock controls

Download Underworld from the AppStore

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