October 4, 2010

news-uw-android-stuffIn the previous post, we’ve announced the update of Underworld: Traffic that will fully support Android Froyo. The release was scheduled for September 27. Now, even though we have already fixed the game’s issues on Android Froyo, yet it can’t be released right away. Our careful QA has spotted many issues when running the game on other firmwares and devices. We truly understand how bad it is to delay such a critical update, but we don’t want to release something buggy, which will only cause more frustration.

It’s not easy to predict the bug-fixing process, but believe us we’re working hard to get it done as soon as possible. Fingers crossed, it won’t take longer than a couple more days.

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  • Is it possible to beta test it? I would like to

  • Hey Pretoria,
    Thanks for the offer! Although we think at this point it will be quicker to do all the final QA on our side.

  • eeeehm what do you mean?
    i really want to play again, because i sold my iphone and i can only run froyo

  • Is there any news for the release now?
    I want to play again :) Would be nice :)

  • I wish they would just give us a realistic dead line. I hate having to check everyday to see if its up loaded yet. I am really starting to get upset enough to not even support the game when it comes out. This game better be perfect when it comes out because if not, the developers are going to get a lot of crap from fans. No disrespect.

  • I just want to know if deliveries will finally be added in!

  • It’s been about 2months since it went down its been awhile playing I don’t think I will care when it does come I enjoyed keeping my spot in the top 10 in my state but losing my spot waiting is depressing lol can you guys please give a valid ETA? The promised dates that have came and passed are getting frustrating ….please get it up soon please .thank you

  • I agree with tiffany

  • Are you able to let us know if the new update for froyo is going to include deliveries and the other goodies that you have for the iPhone?

  • Any updates? Please keep is updated so we have least hope.

  • Fable 3 is about to come out. Gave up on this game.

  • hey everybody,

    the version’s ready, we’re submitting it TODAY ;)

  • Yaaaaaaaaay

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