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December 31, 2010

new-year-2011Hey folks! Glad to see so many dealers still rollin’ in the Underworld on the New Year’s Eve!

Must admit, 2010 wasn’t very fruitful on the updates for the game fans. It’s not because we forgot about it, but because we had to focus on a few work-for-hire projects. But even then we did our best providing the game with fixes and running the ‘always-there-for-you’ user support.

In 2011, we’re aimed to roll out an update for both Android and iPhone versions as soon as possible. Not only we will take into account all the suggestions and ideas received from players during the year, we also have a few major new features designed and waiting to be implemented.

Thanks for staying with us and enjoying the game.
Stay tuned and see ya in 2011!

Amazing photo by cewil.