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September 17, 2010

After fixing push notifications for the AppStore version of Underworld, it is time to announce some good news for Android users as well: the upcoming update of the game will include Froyo support.

As many of Android players have noticed, the currently existing version of the game isn’t compatible with the latest version of Android software: OS 2.2, codename Froyo. Due to few changes in the OS subsystems, the game has lost the ability to communicate with the server properly. Sorry, everybody, for not getting back to the problem earlier: the past few months were hectic and we had very little time to commit to improving things in Underworld.

Better late than never though. We have finally freed up enough time to fix the incompatibility with Froyo and few other annoying bugs. An estimate on delivering the update is September 27, if not earlier.

The game will be temporary removed from Android Market until we roll out the shiny updated version. Stay tuned, folks!


September 13, 2010

news-uw-premiumBottom line: push notifications are back! A bit more details on the problem and the fix below.

Everyone who plays Underworld on the iPhone/iPod/iPad definitely noticed push notifications not working for more than two last weeks. Really sorry for inconvenience caused, guys. A reason for this outage was a problem with server-side certificates, required to communicate with Apple’s push servers.

We have now fixed the problem, so you can get back to receiving up-to-date notifications about your sales. Moreover, in addition to just resolving this crisis, we have implemented new monitoring tools in the UW control center to keep an eye on the push status. So it looks like this time we’ve fixed it for good, at least on our side.

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