December 31, 2010

new-year-2011Hey folks! Glad to see so many dealers still rollin’ in the Underworld on the New Year’s Eve!

Must admit, 2010 wasn’t very fruitful on the updates for the game fans. It’s not because we forgot about it, but because we had to focus on a few work-for-hire projects. But even then we did our best providing the game with fixes and running the ‘always-there-for-you’ user support.

In 2011, we’re aimed to roll out an update for both Android and iPhone versions as soon as possible. Not only we will take into account all the suggestions and ideas received from players during the year, we also have a few major new features designed and waiting to be implemented.

Thanks for staying with us and enjoying the game.
Stay tuned and see ya in 2011!

Amazing photo by cewil.

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  • Lookin forward to those new features!

  • I love this game. I’m looking forward to the update on android.

  • Thanks and happy new year to you all!!

    Top ten in the UK in 2011 here I come!!

  • Awesome job guys! Keep it up for the New Year to come! Me and my dealers will be on standby awaiting further instructions from you Boss!

  • Love the game, look forward to the updates but will you please get rid of the cheats or take their profits??

  • Cant wait to see newest ideas n features

  • You know I really like this game! I would like to see us android users have there own leader board!!! I think that only be fair. And I hope we keep selling powder not waffles! I’m ready for the update for the android! Everyone have a safe and happy new year!

  • Can’t wait for those updates

  • Happy New Year all!
    I love this game also… But have stopped playing now!
    And for the simple reason I’ve got no chance of catching up with those who have cheated!
    Ruins it for the rest of us (your paying customers!)
    So, awesome game but no longer worth spending money on.
    If you rectified this, I’d be back playing straight away.

    Any intentions?

  • I don’t know about cheaters, but android players (my case) can’t compete with apple players. I’ve reached level 21 in August 2010 and since then it’s always going down! Apple players pass by me and my rank is always going down because I can’t play the same game they play. Getting tired of this. In the name of all android players that spent money on this game please make it fair for all!

  • Is this game dead? Or are you still planning to put some effort in it?

    The game has potential to become very good, but now, it’s a bit empty…

  • 6 months later—–still nothing. Not even another word. Game is for sure dead. What’s the point. I agree, was fun and had potential. In it’s current build, the game lost it’s allure a long time ago. My opinion—Waste of time(a lot of time)!

  • It feels as though you guys have abandoned this game, but from what I see it has quite a following. Please update it & add new features!

  • I been playing this game since it came to android. Whats the deal 6 months no update yet. Well you got some money off me but no more of me till I see a update!!!!!

  • Wake up!!! wake up!!! we want an update!!!!

  • I love the way you write and also the theme on your weblog. Did you code this oneself or was it executed by a expert? I’m quite pretty impressed.

  • I cannot do deliveries nor can I change my status since iPhone ios5, are we getting an update????

  • Did the UW makers forget about UW already? Seems like there’s no intentions for updates or deliveries for android, or any support whatsoever anymore…. *sad face*

  • Everyone should just send email directly to Andre!!! maybe then he will remember the UW faithful!

  • I think it’s right? Lemme go look

  • Update It Or Sell It

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