January 21, 2010

news-uw-android-stuffThe Android version of Underworld has just been updated to 1.0.1.

Although it may sound as a minor patch, we have fixed plenty of annoying bugs (like the one with 1 million mark!) and added HTC Tattoo support.

Visit the Android Market to get the new version now.

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  • Upgrade was awesome, back in the game the day u posted the update… Only complaint is that the upgrade prices are rediculously way tooooo high!!!! otherwise AWESOME application!!!!

  • Rose, the missions bring new ways to make money. Of course, in case you can move around your neighborhood often. That’s the reason for high upgrade prices.

  • When can we expect jobs on the Android?

  • Yes, when we will have the same game with iphone in android?

  • I used to like this game. Now it is soo boring and I’m Always forgetin about it cause it sucks. I’ve played this game since it was only a jailbroken app. It had drugs it was cool and now it has candy? And is boring. Ever since u guys Made it more complex I stopped liking it. It’s been a long jorney and I’m
    happy for ur guys success. Bye guys. I’m done with this game.


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