September 10, 2009

news-site-launchFinally, we have launched a special place for Underworld dealers to meet and chat. Please welcome an official game site!

The Cream of the Crop features region breakdown. If you’re good enough, you’ll find yourself there.

Having a question about Underworld? Visit Frequently Asked Questions section.

Finally, go check out the message board and start a topic, sure you have something to discuss.

As usual, your feedback and suggestions are very welcome!


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  • Hello,
    compliments for the site and for the game!!!

    maybe you can make a light version From the
    site as well for the iphone when you are on the road
    with or without 3g connectivity so we are quick
    up to date.
    Greets Dalo ( kanarie )

  • I like the site. Nice job! I’m still looking forward to the update. I hope Crapple doesn’t take too long with the review.

  • Dalo, yep, the iPhone optimized version is on the way!

  • Mundo, thanks for feedback! What comes to the update - it’s really strange how long they’re reviewing it this time…

  • Congrats on the site, I think its really great and suits the game well.

    It’ll be really interesting to know a bit about yourself Andrey, are you a one man band, are there a team of you, what do you, is this a day job etc?


  • Bart, glad you like it ;) A-steroids is not me alone, it’s a team! We should really post ‘About Us’ page on the blog ;) And yes, that’s my day-and-night job ;)

  • thanks for the upgrade a-steroid!

  • great game.very addictive,delivery jobs possibly could do with replanning as too make the higher levels more useful.. other than that all round great game specially for whilst travelling as the change of locations reveals great deals =)

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