December 9, 2009

Underworld servers are going to be stopped for a quick maintenance later today. Good news is that it’s going to be the last preparation before launching the new version of the game. So much anticipated new ranks and delivery jobs are coming!

Here is a little teaser of what’s hitting Underworld soon.

Oh, and to answer the most popular question: we are submitting it TODAY!


November 30, 2009

To celebrate the news we announced today, we’ve put together Underworld gameplay video.The very original game setting featured inside. So bad it’s not like that in the AppStore ;)

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Track “To The On Position” provided by Wonderland Hollywood.
Totally worth checking out: @Twitter / @YouTube.

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November 30, 2009

news-uw-premiumPure and simple: Underworld Premium is now free.
Download it today to get 2 × 1 hour protection from cops!

Download Underworld Premium!


November 18, 2009

news-preparing-new-versionToday’s maintenance shutdown successfully finished. As always, please report if you notice something weird going on around you in Underworld.

In fact, it was a little bit more than a usual upkeep. First, we have fixed a couple of annoying glitches in the local tile economy. Labs and addicts that would suddenly go asleep or change their prices and commodities earlier than expected according to the cartel guy — both should be fixed now. Let us know if you feel like it doesn’t!

Another major change: those of you who have reached an ultimate rank #21 will notice that a price of the next upgrade is now visible. Yep, that’s because we have already added 5 new ranks! Can’t upgrade there right now, but please be patient — new version of the game is bringing real-world delivery jobs and it’s coming!

As a side effect of adding the new levels, the rank hierarchy has changed. For example, you were a Kingpin and now you’re Wholesaler again, what the heck? Well, this is the trafficking world in evolution: new powerful figures appear every now and then. Fight your way to the top or disappear.

Got questions? Welcome to the message board or twitter. Stay tuned!


October 24, 2009

news-uw-freeIf you like all the improvements & fixes recently brought by the Premium version, but aren’t ready to pay a nickle yet, it’s a good time to update your Free version.

  • Map screen bug on 3.1 firmware fixed (incorrect positions)
  • Interface improvements (‘stock value’ in Money screen, dealers’ profiles in Recent Deals, etc)
  • Ability to choose how much stuff to dump in Stock controls

Download Underworld from the AppStore

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October 4, 2009

news-roadmap-update-04-10After the recent Underworld update has arrived, it’s time to review the game’s Open Roadmap.

Some features have already hit the game, some of them are in progress right now. Besides, we’ve got some new stuff from in-game feature suggestion tool and from other sources: worth adding for community’s consideration.

Here is what we took away from the list:

  • iPhone 3.0: Notifications: implemented;
  • iPhone 3.0: Improved Map: implemented;
  • Missions: in progress. We’ll outline the new upcoming chunk of gameplay in a separate post.
  • Messaging black list: in progress. Should explain this one. It is true that the feature is terribly unpopular in the Open Roadmap (close to zero votes right now). But for the past few months we’ve got so many abuses about receiving offensive and insulting messages, so we felt this black list feature is a must, just to save our time, you know.

The new things:

  • Items discoverable on the map: find and pick up items in the world around you: cash, commodity, extras, etc;
  • Real-time positioning: your position on the game map to be updated in real-time, just like in Google Maps app;
  • In-depth financial stats: detailed view of your past financial history (prices, margins, stock, etc);
  • Run from cops: ability to run away from cops. Risky thing, but might be worth it if you got busted with a big parcel.

That’s it for now. Visit Open Roadmap in the game to start voting for the new stuff. And your feedback is always welcome either here in comments, on the forum or in twitter.

Image credits to Bogdan Suditu, via Flickr.


September 30, 2009

news-uw-premiumA Premium version of Underworld just got into the AppStore.

  • In-app purchase support
  • Map screen bug on 3.1 firmware fixed (incorrect positions)
  • Interface improvements (‘stock value’ in Money screen, dealers’ profiles in Recent Deals, etc)
  • Ability to choose how much stuff to dump in Stock controls

If you know what the Premium version is, just go download it. If you don’t, read on!

What is Premium version?

It’s a version of Underworld supporting in-app purchase mechanics, that was brought to the AppStore by 3.0 firmware earlier this summer.

Underworld has always been free, why paid now?

Underworld is still free-to-play and it will always be. However, currently existing UW Points distribution scheme is neither convenient nor intuitive; this is why we decided to switch to in-app purchase support.

Right now, only paid applications can feature in-app purchases. That is why Premium version is paid after all: $0.99 in US iTunes Store. For this minimum possible price, UW Premium grants you:

  • 4×1 hour of full police protection
  • 4 days protection from the loan shark
  • 1 Supply & Demand info request
  • 1 Carry Space 30% boost for 4 hours

All the stuff you get is placed into your Inventory (a new entity in Underworld screen) and is activated/used any time you need it.

I still have some UW Points left, what do I do?

No worries! If you still have UW Points left on your account, there is a subsection in Underworld screen, which allows you to spend them.

 * * * 

Still having questions? Ask here in comments, in our twitter or on the game forum.
See ya!


September 18, 2009

uw-androidEver since we launched Underworld, we’ve been asked constantly if there’s going to be a version for Android. Fair question, considering impressive platform capabilities and its growing popularity!

Today, we are happy to announce that Android people will be able to get into Underworld this fall. We’ve been working on it for some time already and the launch date is really close now.

The same as in the AppStore, the game is going to be free to play, with an optional paid stuff. Like a full protection from cops, a temporary boost to your equipment and other useful things.

news-uw-android-stuffWhat is maybe more interesting to the fans: we intend to publish the Android version of Underworld in its ‘Traffic’ theme. The one that is putting you through the daily duties of a drug dealer. The same that couldn’t make it to the AppStore few weeks ago.

Underworld: Traffic for Android will bring players into the same world as SweetDeal, available from the AppStore, with a difference in available commodities and dealers’ ranks.

We will keep you posted on the development process and the exact launch date to be revealed soon. Stay tuned and feel free to ask questions: here in comments, on UW message board or in Twitter!


September 15, 2009

news-uw-13-arrivedFinally, the update has made it to the AppStore.

  • Map blackout bug fixed
  • New tiled-mode view added in the map screen
  • Push notifications about your sales & received new messages

Quick, download it  and let us know what you think!

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September 10, 2009

news-site-launchFinally, we have launched a special place for Underworld dealers to meet and chat. Please welcome an official game site!

The Cream of the Crop features region breakdown. If you’re good enough, you’ll find yourself there.

Having a question about Underworld? Visit Frequently Asked Questions section.

Finally, go check out the message board and start a topic, sure you have something to discuss.

As usual, your feedback and suggestions are very welcome!