news-uw-premiumAn online multi-player game for your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Android.

Using GPS inside your mobile device you discover a parallel world of dirty trade. Find deals everywhere you travel in your real life and earn big buck by moving merchandise around.

Turn your everyday life into the spine-shivering action in the world of grey trade, cruel rivals and merciless loan sharks.

about-moneyRise to the top: start as a small-time seller with a goal to be a famous kingpin. Make a fortune and dominate the world!

Money gives you power: win superior status, get access to better commodities and high trading volumes, gain independence from loan sharks and cops and a lot more.


  • Unique massively multiplayer online game with location based mechanics
  • Unlimited amount of locations: game world is REAL!
  • Geographically enriched world wide Cream of the Crop
  • Communicate and make business with real people around you
  • Easy to catch on game rules: buy low, sell high
  • Open game roadmap: vote for the features you want us to implement in the upcoming versions
  • Runs on all iPhone generations and on the iPod Touch with Wi-Fi connection available
  • FREE updates: new game features are coming out live on a regular basis
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Start the dealer’s career now,
on iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad or Android!